Roles in Global South Programme - What role shall I sign in as?

Sign up as a Civil Society Organization

if your organization

  • is a registered entity in Kenya, Uganda or Somalia;
  • is a private sector entity - non-governmental organization, community based organization, self help group, company, faith-based organization, cooperative, trade union or academic institution;
  • has been operational for at least three years;
  • is seeking for capacity development support in terms of training, mentorship and learning new ways of working.

After the registration, the organization is requested to complete a baseline information form, which is available for the registered organizations in the internet page.

Note that Global South Programme is not providing operational funding for the CSOs, but capacity development support.

Sign up as a Partner

if your organization

  • is a registered entity in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda or Denmark;
  • has field presence in Kenya, Somalia or Uganda;
  • has staff and facilities to undertake a capacity development initiative for a number of civil society organizations;
  • has robust financial management systems;
  • has been operational for at least 3 years.

The Partners are requested to provide evidence of their capability to work in capacity development within the thematic and intervention areas of the Programme by providing references to their Global South internet portfolio.


Global South Programme engages individual consultants and companies for specific tasks, such as due diligence assessments and monitoring and evaluation. For this purpose the internet page has a roster of interested consultants. The consultants are requested to provide references of their past work.